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Advisory: Phone Scams Targeting Elderly Residents
Publisher’s Clearing House Scam: An elderly woman received a call from someone claiming to be Publisher’s Clearing House. The scammer told her she won $850,000 and a new Mercedes. The scammer further stated that all she had to do was send the scammer $950.00 and they would come to her house to present her with her prize. This was not a legitimate claim and has prompted Publishers Clearing House to post the below warning on their website…
Be Suspicious of Callers Claiming You’ve Won - But Ask You to Send Money
If you receive a telephone call from someone claiming you have won a sweepstakes prize but are asked to send money to claim it -- STOP -- you have not heard from a legitimate sweepstakes company. At Publishers Clearing House we do not notify our contest winners by phone.

Credit Card Fraud Scam: The scammer told the victim that their credit card was compromised, and someone opened up an account in their name, and they now owed money to pay off the account to clear their credit. Scammer asked the victim to send him money which they did not do.

Please contact your local police agency is you feel you have been the victim of a Fraud Scheme. For further information on this topic, including tips on how to avoid being a victim please use the link below.


For local details, view this message on the web.

At Chelsea State Bank, we understand you have many banking choices. Our customers choose us for a few simple reasons.

We value Your Money.  The staff at CSB truly appreciates that you trust us with what you work so hard to achieve. We treat every customer – and their every dollar – with the integrity that is deserved.

We support Your Community.  Our schools, our hospital, our basic need organizations, our arts community, our awareness groups: they feed our community with hope for a better tomorrow.  And CSB supports them every step of the way.

We are Your Bank.  We fully realize that without you, there is no bank. So, we’re here to serve you with a customer-first and a customer-only mentality that we know you will find is a welcomed retreat to what you might be used to at larger, out-of-state institutions.

So Keep it Local.  Chelsea State Bank is the keeper of your financial dreams.

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